Mission Statement

Cottonwood School District #22, believes in providing a quality educational experience for all of its students. We shall employ the Montessori Method of education at our school. Through the use of this method, we encourage the ideals for education which Dr. Maria Montessori espoused, and strive to ensure our school provides an excellent environment for learning to occur.

Thus, we believe:

  • All children can leam when provided with appropriate opportunities.
  • No human being is truly educated by another person, they must do it for themselves or it will never be done. Students are given the highest opportunities to grow to their highest potential.
  • Parental involvement in all levels of education is essential.
  • Montessori classrooms shall reflect the needs of the children.
  • A Montessori environment cultivates a child’s own natural desire to leam.
  • Our school shall reflect a sensitivity to culture as well as local and global communities.
  • Students have the right to be treated with love, respect and dignity in a safe environment.

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